Introducing the World’s First 6-Star Hotel

It’s time to put COVID on hold, wave good-bye to boredom, and set out for the ultimate escape to the world’s only 6-star hotel, Quintessence Hotel. The sixth star is for our (and Anguilla’s) diligence in creating a COVID-free environment. Quintessence Hotel is where luxury, pampering, and privacy reign supreme. Just a few hours away by jet, and you’re embracing the white sands and emerald-blue waters of Quintessence. It almost doesn’t appear real. The sun shines bright here every day, welcoming you and your family to a setting of bespoke elegance. Experience the best dining in the Caribbean at Julians, with our Wine Spectator®-award-winning cellar. Add in a level of service unsurpassed by any standard of excellence, with a Haitian art collection curated for over 40 years by our famed owner, Geoffrey Fieger, and voila – Quintessence.

If you can afford it, you can’t afford to miss it! If you long for the tranquility of a COVID-free Caribbean island sanctuary, where attention to detail is only exceeded by the attention given to you, by all means, be our guest.

Quintessence Hotel, Anguilla, BWI.

After all, why stay home when you can stay here?

As featured in the New York Times