Our Favorite Things

The staff of Quintessence share their favorite experiences in Anguilla

Dining on Sandy Island


“My favorite experience is on Sandy Island, a little island of the Cay of Anguilla. They serve different local dishes but my favorite is the ribs, which is finished with a very nice sauce. On my day off, I take a small boat over to the Cay which takes about 30 minutes just to get the ribs.”

– Chef Dominique Thevenet, Executive Chef




Beach Idyll


“The beaches of Anguilla are second to none. I love going to Shoal Bay East and sitting at Madeariman Reef Restaurant with my feet in the sand, listening to the local string band, sipping on a glass of Chardonnay, and watching the shades of turquoise in the ocean beyond.”

– Merla Smith, General Manager and Restaurant Manager



Fresh Catch at the Fishing Villages


“If you are visiting the island, you should take an island tour with a chef and visit one of the fishing villages. You can go directly to the docks and watch the boats come in with their fresh catches, make your selection, and have it cleaned while you chat with the fisherman. Vegetable farming is on the up-and-up, so visiting a vegetable stand and touring the nearby gardens is also interesting.”

– Albert Lake, Sommelier



A Diver’s Paradise


“Anywhere you go on the island, the swimming and snorkeling will simply blow you away. Crystal clear turquoise water invites you to jump in and explore the reefs, the colorful fish and marine life. You will not believe what you come across. And at night, everything in the water lights up and glows.”

– Mark Wallace, Interior Designer



A Sophisticated Escape


“My wife, Keenie and I discovered Anguilla 35 years ago and found an island of uncommon beauty. Each white sand beach was more magnificent than the one before. Anguilla is where sophisticated travelers come to swim in the sea, walk the beach, eat in fabulous restaurants and most importantly, relax. We are an English territory, so the entire experience is with a British sense of order and tranquility.”

– Geoffrey Fieger, Owner, Maitre de Maison