The Rose: Behind The Q’s Most Arresting Artwork

Quintessence is known for its priceless collection of art, which can be found throughout the entire boutique hotel. One piece, in particular, has become synonymous with The Q — a giant white flower.

The Rose, by Khachik Bozoghlian, is a dramatic sculpture that hangs high above the hotel’s lobby, and can be seen up close as guests climb the stairway to their suites.

Larger than life, The Rose is revered for its simplicity and style, with monochromatic petals blooming outward in sensual arcs.

Khachik says he created his first rose — a much smaller one — on a whim.

“It just happened. I’m not a rosy guy,” says the artist, who has long been known for his figurative bronze sculptures.

A friend asked him to make a rose, he explained, so he sculpted a small one and cast it in bronze. The flower was a departure from his usual work, but an instant hit.

“People love it. Everybody wants one,” he says. “It’s got such a powerful image.”

When Quintessence Owner Geoffrey Fieger, an avid art collector and long-time friend of Khachik, saw the rose, he commissioned a much larger version for his hotel. His wife, Keenie, requested the color.




“It’s not actually white. It’s pearl. I wasn’t sure the color would work, but it’s absolutely, utterly marvelous,” Khachik says.

Khachik and the Fiegers both have homes on Anguilla and met decades ago. Khachik also has a studio in New York and his art is displayed in galleries and collections around the world.

He created The Rose by spraying fiberglass into a carefully-crafted reverse mold. He painted it using a four process method employed by automakers like Mercedes-Benz, and topped it with a gloss.

The rose measures 8 feet wide, and weighs 800 pounds.

“I wanted to have something big to say ‘here I am’ in Anguilla,” the artist told the Anguillan in a recent article about The Rose “I’ve been coming to Anguilla for 40 years and I have an amazing connection with Anguilla.”